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"Our mission is to create a better community by using traditional art as a way for people to discover and develop their talent, learn skills and empower them, by creating different activities with a base in traditional art such as workshops, classes, tours and events"



The goal of the Elimu na Sanaa is to empower youth  on  both   art     and education, by discovering and developing their Art Skills and   Educating them on how they can reach far by incorporating both Art and Education, starting an educational program about Art and Education at  Shine Africa Community Art Centre Kigamboni Gezaulole. We give education to Artist
who luck skills, provide Art to the educated youth, or provide both Art with Education.

Subjects to be taught: Language, Computer, Communication Skills, Social Medias, Leadership, Professionals Ethics, Art Performance etc. This program is already running despite facing challenges. We hope, through you and us working together will reduce if not eliminate them all together. The program will support youth whose education journey was cut short and never graduated due to different family reasons. Our potential targets being any vulnerable person in our community such as drug users and those that have lost hope and gave up on their live


Being part of our community we are responsible to keep our kids safe from bad, influencing and challenging environment.Such that if not for these interventions we risk them getting into trouble. On April 2022 we started a football training program that was initially inspired and kick started by one of our friends from the Netherlands Mr. Peter Garmin. Then later on, it was developed by Miss Nina a volunteer from Germany.
Miss Nina, a professional and experienced trainer provided more than 2 months training to our kids, before she left and promised to come back. Fortunately, while still away, she is providing training tips to the football
program caretaker, the caretaker is then using those tips to train the kids. So the kids don’t lose the program consistency

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Dance and Drumming program has become even more interesting. Both Adults and Kids around the community and others from different corners of the world come to join dancing and drumming lessons in our center. Every week, we have a special training program for both kids and adults, boys and girls from our professional trainers. Through this program we empower and entertain people by giving them dancing and drumming skills and train them on how they can

benefit from it and earn money through it, to then get out from the poor and negative thinking that holds them back from progress in life. Through our initiative we find and create platforms to promote and showcase their acquired skills.


As a community Art Centre we have created these two musical platforms that aim to promote both Traditional and Modern Music. The vision being a single platform where people can learn and explore the African Culture. It also creates temporary job to the artist. As we teach and train artist, we have considered not to waste their talents. We go far to promote and market their earned skills to the audience local and internationally. Tamu African Night is an annual event launched on 2019, and the second event was successful hosted at Nafasi Art Space in 2020, it’s for all type African music and art, modern and Traditional including food, drinks, fashion, etc. While Asili ni Tamu is a seasonal festival specific for traditional art and was launched 2019.



This year we started a volleyball project for both girls and boys, adult and kids. It was inspired by Inger Van Dort by cleaning the playground, then founded and supported by two sisters from Spain, Andrea and Marta. Our friends, who visited our community art center at Kigamboni Gezaulole. Passionate in sports they saw the need for supporting sports and games, by funding the initial equipment’s necessary for volleyball sport. Volleyball is now among our official

programs, the mission being to develop the game, inspire our community and introduce a competitive league, as we envision to improve people's health.


The goal of the Piga ngoma sio Mtoto project is to change the thinking about and behavior around corporal punishment for children, especially in primary and secondary schools. Shine Africa Community Art will set up a new artistic production (song, dance, music in traditional Tanzanian style) and incorporate a participatory educational program about on how to end corporal punishment for six primary schools in Kigamboni, Dar Es Salaam.



Dance has become popular and one among the potential activities in our societies. Considering the fact that our kids and youth like to dance modern music and use them in a way of earning and practice for health. We have taken that serious by starting the weekly training and making sure that our trainees gain new skills and keep them on the loop and occupied as the way of saving them from bad influencing activities from the streets, like drugs or any other related negative behaviors.


In this class, our kids are given an opportunity to explore ideas that allow them to expand their views. This class has the potential to expand their horizons in life. The various topics learned is such as the magic of the ocean or the galaxy, a sneak peak of Chinese way of life, or learning to use google maps to discover their neighborhood. Children get to ask questions about what it’s in their mind, and the ideas and wonders they would love to explore. These sort of opportunities to wonder are rarely found at school.




This class gives an opportunity for our kids to acquire basic computer skills. We see this as the beginning of something great, whether the knowledge will be applied on daily life activities, or a career path to being a computer expert. Most if not all of our kids come from family backgrounds with financial difficulties. Making access to learning computers not possible, unless opportunities like these are provided.
We hope this class will offer an opportunity to bridge the gap between those kids coming from affluent background and them. At the moment we have 4 computers, two of which were donated by Mr Gemming, but we would prefer to have at least 10 computers.



Batik Fabric program is yet to start. A program involving women, making clothes using the batik fabric and eventually selling them for profit. This is to be run by Kalimata Kijai a women group. Our center is situated at their Compound. We formed a partnership with them, to use their land to benefit the community. It’s been almost two years since we partnered with them, since then we have transformed the land from a deserted condition to a center that is offering lots of

potential in the community.

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