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SHINE DANCE is part of Shine Africa and a group of professional drummers and dancers. They love nothing more than giving a good show!


They regurlarly perform on festivals, cultural nights, corporate events and private parties. Besides that they also organize drum & dance workshops for your teambuilding events or private parties!

Their dance & drum repertoire exists of more than twenty different dances from different parts of the country and even more songs in different tribal languages. They usually make a show with original traditional dances from various tribes, and depending on your wishes they can combine that with an explanation about the history of traditional drumming.

To get an idea of what they can do for you, please check out our YouTube channel!


Are you organizing a teambuidling event for your company? Then Shine Dance is your perfect partner!

They are experienced teachers, and know how to entertain a group of people. They can do workshops in either Kiswahili or English, and you can choose to have a drum-, dance- or drum&dance workshop. Please check our booking page for more information and possibilities!

Ngo·ma |

Swahili. Noun.

The art of traditional African drum and dance.

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