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Become a friend of Shine!

Would you like to support the work of Shine Africa...? Great!

We always welcome new friends to our family of supporters. You can support us by lending us your knowlegde or skills (see the page for volunteers), or you support us financially. We are always happy with single donations, but get really excited if people want to help us with a fixed amount per month.

Donations can be send to our bank account (see below). If you choose to be a monthly supporter, then please also send us an email with your name, age, address, and the amount you will support us with every month. We will then send you a confirmation email after the first donation, making you a FRIEND OF SHINE. Friends of Shine get regular updates about our work, and discounts at our festival, events and bnb. And when we start to create merchandise we will make sure Friends of Shine are the first ones to benefit...!

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