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Ngo·ma |

Swahili. Noun.

The art of traditional African drum and dance.

shine africa


Our dream

Our dream is to have our own community art center in Gezaulole in Kigamboni, preferable right on the beautiful beach we have here! At the moment we are looking into a few possible places for this. At the same time we are looking for funds and investors that can help us set up the center, while we are in the process of registering ourselves as a NGO.


For Shine Africa it's important to preserve the traditional Tanzanian culture. In this modern world we see it slowly dying - children these days don't know their tribe, their tribal language and hardly know how to play the traditional drums. Our community art center will offer classes in drum & dance to both children and adults. This will keep the art alive, but maybe more importantly it will also increase the self esteem of our young people.



We see art as a way to empower our youth, and connecting them to our center is one of our most important goals. Besides we want to set up a program for people in vulnerable positions in our society. They will get a chance to explore and develop their talents. This will hopefully help them get a new goal in life and change directions.

Some of the programs we intend to set up:

  • Drum & dance classes

  • Meditation/ Yoga/ English/ homework/ parenting classes

  • Traditional story telling

  • Help with homework

  • Workshops for different forms of art (painting, sculpture, photography, etc).

  • Live shows

  • Small restaurant

  • Cultural evenings

  • Bed & breakfast / rooms for volunteers

  • Studio's for artists

The dream of a community art center is something that lives in all members, since most of them come from an underprivileged background. They grew up in slums, without their parents or spent years living on the street. Art for them became their escape from this life, which is what they now want to offer to others. A few examples of their dreams you can find in the small movie we made about it:



Tel +255 782 301 289


Gezaulole Kigamboni

Dar Es Salaam






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