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WE HAVE classes for both adults and children, where people can choose to learn to play the drum or to learn traditional dancing. Feel free to come and look, and maybe even join! Our classes cost Tsh 20,000 per person, including a great vegetarian meal afterwards 


Every Friday and Sunday

Friday: 16:00 - 18:00h

Sunday: 13:00 - 16:00h


Shine Africa Community Art Centre, Dar es Salaam Kigamboni, Gezaulole, Kizani Street


We offer one day, three days and five days workshops, in which we teach you the original Tanzanian drum rythms and the dances that belong to those rythms.


For everyone who is interested in African drum & dance but not able to actively travel to Tanzania, we developed an online dance class. Get your group together and join us at our center in Tanzania! M

You will be taught by the professionals of Shine, who have up to 30 years experience in this field. A unique experience!

Workshops can be for two or more people

Workshop prices

1 day:

50 USD per person

3 days:

125 USD per person (2 pax)

100 USD per person (3 pax or more)

5 days:

200 USD per person (2 pax)

150 USD per person (3 pax or more)

Online classes price
180 USD per group (2 - 3 hours)

Ngo·ma |

Swahili. Noun.

The art of traditional African drum and dance.

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