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About us

Shine Africa started in 2017 under the name Shine Dance TZ. Being a group of professional drummers and dancers, they were focused on promoting traditional ngoma and performing with their group. They quickly became residents at Nafasi Art Space in Dar Es Salaam, which helped them to grow and become more professional.

Asili ni Tamu

In 2018 they organised the Asili ni Tamu Festival at Nafasi Art Space as a way to promote the traditional art of ngoma on a wider scale. The festival was a success, with hundreds of visitors during the course of one day. Soon they also managed to book more performances and show their talents at different festivals.


In 2019 they decided to start giving classes in drum & dance at Nafasi Art Space, as a way to introduce people to the art of ngoma.

People from all backgrounds and ages could join on donation basis. Some months later the same classes started in Gezaulole, Kigamboni, in a cooperation with Zionzuri Art & Culture village.


Community Art Center

In 2019 Shine Dance TZ became Shine Africa, which is the name of the NGO they are now setting up. The plan is to set up a Community Art Center in the village of Gezaulole, hopefully in 2020.


In 2020 they also started to professionalize their performance by integrating traditional tribal songs from different tribes into their performance. They also started producing their own songs, which are a mix of tribal and modern.

Ngo·ma |

Swahili. Noun.

The art of traditional African drum and dance.

Meet The Team



drummer & teacher

founder, manager


Asha 'black'

dancer & singer

teacher, secretary



dancer, teacher, choreographer and singer



producer, manager, photographer, filmmaker and sometimes drummer



drummer & teacher

30 years of experience with ngoma


Asha 'white'

dancer & teacher

junior of the group



drummer, teacher, singer, guitar player and fixer of things

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