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Ngo·ma |

Swahili. Noun.

The art of traditional African drum and dance.

We love Africa and we have made it our goal to preserve its culture in this fast changing world. The traditional art of ngoma (African drumming & dancing in Swahili) is our expertise, and our mission is to spread this art as much as possible. By performing, but also by teaching it to others. Not just because we think it is beautiful, but also because we feel art helps people grow.

Shine Africa exists of a group of professional drummers and dancers from different tribes in Tanzania. All of them also come from underpriviliged backgrounds (growing up without parents, on the street, in the slums) and their mission their mission is to use their talents to help young people from similar backgrounds. At the same time they want to spread their love for traditional African culture, which is why they both perform as well as teach classes.


Community Art Center

Eventually Shine Africa wants to set up its own Community Art Center. Children and adults will be welcome here to learn the art of ngoma, explore their artistic talents,and also for English classes, help with homework, meditation and yoga. , me

Amazing shows

In their shows they combine the styles of different tribes, together with traditional songs. Together that creates a show that you are not likely to forget! The shows of Shine Africa are perfect for festivals as well as private parties or corporate outings.


Learn to drum!

The classes take place in in Gezaulole, Kigamboni, Dar Es Salaam and are open to everybody who would like to learn the art of African drum and/ or dance. Companies can also book their own workshop. For both companies as well as individuals our classes are also available online!

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Tel +255 782 301 289

Gezaulole Kigamboni

Dar Es Salaam






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