Asili ni Tamu Festival takes place on the 21st of March - and we need your support!

Please check our go fund me page to see how you can help!


Shine Africa is an organisation driven by a passion for traditional african dance and music. We believe this ancient tradition is the mother of all music, and we do our best to preserve it for the world in these modern times.


SHINE was born in 2018 as a traditional drum- and dancegroup in Dar Es Salaam. It became clear that Shine was meant to be more than just a group of dancers, as the members organised their own festival in 2019 - Asili ni Tamu. 


Shine members have a years of experience, and a vast amount of knowledge about an artform that is slowly dying. It is our passion to keep this art alive!



We know African culture. As traditional drummers and dancers we have experienced the power of this art form first hand.

We share our passion in our classes - with our dancers and drummers we organize classes for both children and adults. We teach them the art of traditional drum and dance.

Besides that we have our own festival every year: Asili ni Tamu. So if you want to know more about traditional African music - come shine with us!

As Shine we care about our community and we see the challenges that are there. We believe dance and music can help relief the hardships by giving people joy, passion and self confidence.

Traditional African music does even more - it can give people a sense of pride and awareness of their roots.


Eventually we hope to inspire our community to become stronger and more self confident by starting our own community art center. Here we will teach art and connect cultures with each other.

We also care about people from other countries and love to invite them and teach them about our traditional culture. By connecting them to our local community we hope to create inspiration on two sides!



Tel +255 782 301 289

Gezaulole Kigamboni

Dar Es Salaam






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